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  • She has participated in numerous radio and TV programs since the 1970s. Links to some of this material will be provided gradually.

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1970 My first radio performance
Radio program for Tuesday, June 4, 1971, on right


Trolldans, folkemusikk

Frå Seljefløyte til tutarhorn - EMI Norsk

Participated in my first "album release" together with my father
Egil Storbekken.
Music cassette, looked similar to the image on the left.


  • Participated in numerous radio and TV programs in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Started teaching at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss in 1983 and still holds courses and teaches there.


Trolldans, folkemusikk


Together with my father Egil Storbekken.


Glimt, folkemusikk

Glimt - Hot Club Record

Solo album


  • From 1998, she was part of the Nordic singing and dance ensemble "Kvedar" with performers from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.
    They toured in all the Nordic countries until 2004.

  • Was a part-time lecturer in Musicology at the University of Oslo (UiO) in Oslo from 1996 to 2016.


Lengt, folkemusikk

Lengt - EMI Norsk

Together with my father Egil Storbekken.


Folkemusikk frå Hedmark, folkemusikk

Folkemusikk frå Hedmark - Grappa/ Heilo

Folk music from Hedmark


Det syng, folkemusikk

Det syng "Ballader på vandring" - Grappa/ Heilo

Toured in the years 1994-1998 with the ensemble "Det syng, ballader på vandring" (The Sing, Ballads on a Journey) featuring Agnes Buen Garnås, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Sinikka Langeland, and Halvor Håkanes. The ensemble showcased the rich diversity that exists within the tradition and the peculiar journey that this material has been a part of - crossing borders with its local characteristics and multinational inspiration.


Two solo album releases, "Nattergalen" and "Maros." Participated in three other releases.

  • Was a regular performer in the outdoor production "Huldrenatt" in Tolga from 2002 to 2009, featuring a choir and several folk musicians, including Tone Hulbækmo.

  • Has been a leader for seminars, courses, and concerts organized by the Norwegian Kvedarforum.


Nattergalen - Ole Bull Akademiet (The Nightingale)

"Nattergalen" - Ole Bull Academy "Nattergalen" is a book accompanied by a CD. The work on this book started in connection with Eli Storbekken's teaching at the Ole Bull Academy.

The idea behind the project was to publish a practical book that can be used by anyone interested in folk singing, without requiring extensive prior knowledge.

Here, she aims to showcase some of the breadth of the vocal song tradition found in Østerdalen. You can find lullabies, narrative songs, lures, vocal improvisation, religious folk tunes, and various songs that have been sung up to the present day.

These are songs that have traveled from person to person. Several of the songs have variations in the district and in other parts of the country.

Agnes Buen Garnås writes about Eli Storbekken and "Nattergalen":
For twenty years, Eli has allowed others to partake in her songs, lures, and refrains.
From courses spanning over ten years, organized by Club 7 in the 70s, to being a teacher at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss in the 90s, she has been active. The song about the nightingale and the lures from Østerdalen has touched our minds and has stayed in our memory with Eli's distinctive marks, along with refrains that inspire dance! Eli's social engagement is unifying, and this is also reflected in her singing. She sings the songs as they are and has listeners from various circles - in towns and villages. Indeed, it is high time that the urban countryside lady now comes with her own CD and book, which acquaints us better with parts of Østerdals music!"


Sjugurd og Trollbrura, folkemusikk

Sjugurd og Trollbrura - Finnskogen Kulturverksted

Sjugurd and Trollbrura - Finnskogen Cultural Workshop

Song tradition from Solør, Odal, and Finnskogen


Norsk Fokemusikk og Folkedans 

Norsk Fokemusikk og Folkedans 

et utvalg ved Steinar Ofsdal - Grappa/Heilo

Norwegian Folk Music and Folk Dance A selection by Steinar Ofsdal

Double CD with 58 songs, featuring many artists.


Curing Norvegian Stiffness, Med Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag

Curing Norvegian Stiffness - Grappa/Heilo

With Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag (CNS)


Gjenklang, folkemusikk

Gjenklang - Grappa/ Heilo 2002


Norwegian folk music through 100 years

21 contributors with their own songs.




Latino Folk Joik

Was involved in establishing the "Latino Folk Joik Ensemble" with musicians from Brazil, Argentina, and a Sámi performer.

An international folk music project that encompasses a wide range of musical expressions. The music contains elements from the ancient Norwegian and Sámi musical traditions, ballads, and narrative songs, as well as rhythmic Latin music!

During the concerts, the audience had the opportunity to hear joik, narrative songs, throat singing, and vocal trills. From the Chilean cueca and the distinctive string instrument charango from the Andes Mountains to samba and other rhythms from Brazil. The audience was taken on a journey to the "Norwegian mountain wilderness, the Sámi tundra," and Latin music with humor and rhythm.

The group also conducted workshops and concerts for children and youth.

The ensemble held numerous school concerts in the Oslo area. They performed concerts at venues such as MS Innvik, Riddu Riddu (2006), Josefine Visescene, Maihaugen, Glom-dalsmuseet, etc.


  • Eli Storbekken - vcals, willow flute.
  • Vera Regina Americo -vocals, percussion instruments.
  • Gerardo Orrego - bass, guitar, charango.
  • Torgeir Vassvik - joik, throat singing, jew's harp, Sámi drum.
  • Per Einar Watne - guitar
  • Hector Novas - percussion


Sang i Norge

Singing in Norway was part of the editorial board for the book "Singing in Norway."

"Singing in Norway" includes approximately 430 different songs with lyrics, sheet music, and chord symbols. The songs in the book are divided into chapters that cover life's milestones, peace, freedom, and religion, plants, animals, nature, and the environment, care and community, love, and wisdom of life.

In addition to Norwegian songs and a dedicated chapter for Sámi joiks/songs, the book also includes songs from neighboring countries as well as songs from 44 different countries, such as Cuba, Brazil, Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

None of the songs are younger than five years old.

Maros konsert 

From left:   Nils Økland - fiddle  ○  Georg Buljo - guitar  ○  Atle Nymo - bass clarinet  ○  Birger Mistereggen - jaw harp  ○ 

Eli storbekken - vocals  ○  Gjermund Silset - double bass  ○  Lillebror Vasaasen - 


MAROS, folkemusikk


Maros Solo, in collaboration with Georg Buljo

The lure holds a bit of eternal youthfulness within it, fresh and new like a "flying summer."

Laling (vocal trilling) and gukko (cuckoo call) were the means of communication among people at that time, alongside instruments like the lur and bukkehorn (goat horn).

The shepherd had a solitary job of delivering messages in all kinds of weather. It was important to maintain contact with other people in the mountain pastures.

Signaling the presence of predators, visiting, and courting were some of the functions of laling. Even though the functions have disappeared, the melodies live on.

  • Received the Folkelarm Prize in 2009 in the Group category for Maros.

På plata medvirker:

  • Eli Storbekken - vocals
  • Georg Buljo - guitars, mandolin
    Nils Økland - fiddle
  • Birger Mistereggen - drums,
    jaw harp
  • Tore Bruvoll - guitar, dobro

  • Gjermund Silset - double bass

  • Atle Nymo - bass clarinet

  • Lillebror Vasaasen - accordion


Lur og lokkestevne i Tolga 60 år 1949-2009

26. Juli

Lur and Lure Playing Festival in Tolga 60 Years 1949-2009 July 26th

In the summer of 2009, it will be 60 years since the first Lur and Lure Playing Festival was organized in Tolga, with Egil Storbekken as the driving force. The festivals were repeated in the following years, with around 200-300 spectators in the first year, increasing to around 3000 in 1952. In the summer of 1953, Myklebust traveled to the Lur and Lure Playing Festival in Tynset to make recordings for "Folkemusikkhalvtimen" (Half an Hour of Folk Music).

In 2009, we pick up where the last festival left off and organize the Lur and Lure Playing Festival in Raudsjødalen. The festival will be combined with the presentation of this year's Egil Storbekken Music Prize to Karl Seglem.

As tradition dictates, the festival was held at Raudsjødalen Setermeieri, which was the first dairy in Northern Europe (1856).

Rausjødalen setermeieri i Tolga

Foto: Geir Hval ( – Eget verk, CC BY-SA 4.0





Was the Musical Director for Maridalsspillet from 2003 to 2009. Maridalsspillet is staged every year in the church ruins of Maridalen.



Two album releases.

  • Featured as a soloist for the Hedmark Symphony Orchestra in 2011.

  • Part-time teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music (2018-2020).


Songen til fløyta, folkemusikk

Songen til fløyta

Solo, in collaboration with Georg Buljo.

Songen til fløyta (The Song to the Flute)  Released in connection with the 100th anniversary of Egil Storbekken's birth (Eli's father).

Songen til fløyta is based on Egil Storbekken's melodies for poems written by Einar Skjæraasen, Bjørn Øyan, Kjell Åsen, Annar Eggen, Åsmund Sveen, and Ola Jonsmoen. The melodies were composed in the folk song tradition of the 1970s and have been reworked by Eli and producer Georg Buljo.


Norish Fest - Dublin 9. - 12. Mai

Norish Fest is a Norwegian-Irish collaboration aimed at creating cultural exchange and social networking between Ireland and Norway.

Norish Fest is based on the connection between Tolga in Hedmark, Norway, and Ballinskelligs and Waterville in South West Kerry, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Had a concert at Smock Alley Theatre with fellow musicians Georg Buljo and Irene Tillung.

Med Georg Buljo og Irene Tillung
Smock Alley Theatre


Grunnlovsjubileet i New York

The Constitution Jubilee in New York (200 year anniversary)

Had two performances during the Constitution Jubilee.

  • May 17th at 12:00 PM Concert during the Viking Fest in Brooklyn.
  • May 17th at 7:00 PM Performance during the banquet at the Seamen's Church.
  • The Seamen's Church celebrated its 150th anniversary. The National Day was celebrated on 52nd Street.

Fra grunnlovsjubileet i New York

52nd Street


Rosekolla, folkemusikk
Folklarmprisen 2014
Rosekolla trioen Britt, Eli, Irene

Rosekolla - Nasjonalbiblioteket - Dokumentasjons-cd

Rosekolla - National Library - Documentation CD

Local folk music from the mountain pasture life, recordings from 1952-1975.

57 recordings of lure playing, vocal trilling, and mountain pasture songs from various parts of the country. The lures are performed on cows, sheep, goats, horses, reindeer, and the farm workers!

The content of Rosekolla is taken from recordings in the Norwegian Folk Music Collection (1952-1975) featuring various performers, refer to the CD's contents to see who they are. Rosekolla contains a small selection of vocal folk music related to mountain pasture life: lure playing, vocal trilling, kringelhauk (a type of vocal ornamentation), hulling (vocal trilling while playing the flute), rhymes, and shepherd songs.

These songs have been used as tools in people's daily lives and work, and as a means of communication with livestock and people. I hope the CD can help preserve a singing tradition that is at risk of being forgotten. Dive into the archives, there you can find musical treasures!

Several concerts were held in connection with the release featuring:

  • Eli Storbekken - vocals, willow flute

  • Irene Tillung - accordion

  • Britt Pernille Frøholm - hardanger fiddle, fiddle

  • Mottok Folkelarmprisen for Rosekolla 2014 i kategorien dokumentasjon.



  • Sigurd Hole - bass

  • Karl Seglem - bukkehorn og sax

  • Nils Økland - fele

  • Olav Torget - gitar

  • Jarle Vespestad - trommer


Sigurd Hole - kontrabass

Olav Torget - gitar

Jarle Vespestad, tormmer

Karl Seglem - bukkehorn, saksofon

Nils Økland- fele, hardingfele


Solo, in collaboration with Sigurd Hole.

Fabel is a collection of folk songs from our musical cultural heritage with narratives and actions that are both symbolic and epic.

The songs consist of medieval ballads, broadside ballads, humorous songs, love songs, and knightly songs. The lyrics deal with human relationships, strength, weakness, love, jealousy, transformation, and disguise.

The main selection of melodies comes from Hedmark and Østfold with variants from Telemark, Gudbrandsdalen, and Sweden.

  • Since 2016, I have performed numerous concerts with the band on Fabel at festivals and other events.

  • Was nominated for the Spellemann Award for Fabel in 2016.


Konserter og workshop i Tanzania

Concerts and Workshops in Tanzania

Ellen Marie Tangen and I were invited by the YesKilimanjaro Foundation to hold concerts and workshops in the Kilimanjaro District near the city of Moshi. YK operates the Gabriella Center for mentally challenged individuals. We had concerts in the village of Umbwe Onana.

I would like to thank the YesKilimanjaro Foundation, led by Ellen Graff Jenssen, and the rest of the team for an amazing trip with workshops and concerts at the Gabriella Center in Moshi, Tanzania, from October 30th to November 10th, 2019. We had encounters with lovely people and had wonderful experiences that I will remember for a long time!

We received support from Tolga-Os Sparebank for the purchase of rhythm instruments, triangles, tambourines, eggs, etc. They also provided T-shirts for everyone, a big thank you to them.


Spellstenen, folkemusikk


Spellstenen Solo, in collaboration with Sigurd Hole

  • Eli Storbekken - vocal
  • Sigurd Hole - double bass
  • Frode Haltli - accordion

  • Terje Isungset - percussion, jew's harp

Have performed numerous concerts featuring material from the album.


Tidløse toner, folkemusikk

Tidløse toner - Heilo/Grappa

Timeless Tones

Album release at Nordic Black Theatre, Sunday, November 7, 2021.
Mainly contains religious folk tunes from Østerdalen.
Religious folk tunes were an important part of people's lives in earlier times, but today many of these melodies are disappearing.

  • Eli Storbekken - vocal
  • Andreas Ulvo - piano
  • Mats Eilertsen - bass
  • Mathias Eick -trumpet
  • Harpreet Bansal - violin

  • Helge Norbakken - percussion



Was performed at Snekkarlemmen Kulturlåve in Tolga from August 18th to 20th and at Riksscenen in Oslo in January 2023.

The commissioned work was created through composition and arrangement in collaboration with Karl Seglem.

Tolgabukk, Tolga


Klangen før fela

"The Sound Before the Fiddle" is a seminar with courses and concerts. Eli is the coordinator for the teams involved in the seminars. The first seminar took place from January 31st to February 2nd, 2014, and had the title "Courses in kveding, jew's harp, langeleik, lur, and bukkehorn."

In January 2023, the event was held for the 5th time, with a growing interest in learning to play bukkehorn, seljefløyte, lur, langeleik, jew's harp, kvede, and joik! It had the title "Concerts and courses in ancient folk music instruments, joik, and kveding."



Landskappleiken  2023 • 21. - 25. Juni i Lom

Judge in the vocal category along with Olaf Moen and Solbjørg Tveiten

Olav Aukrust monumentet i Lom
Olav Aukrust monumentet i Lom
Prestfossen i Lom
Prestfossen i Lom
Prestfossen i Lom
Prestfossen i Lom
Lom Stavkirke
Lom Stavkirke
Lom Stavkirke
Lom Stavkirke


Lecture speaker at the lokke (calling) seminar on Tuesday, July 11th, Fagernes in Valdres

The seminar was held in connection with the Jørn Hilme Festival, taking place from July 9th to 16th.

The lokke (calling) is closely related to the mountain pasture culture. This is where it belongs. But calling is no longer as obvious. With the rapid decline of the mountain pasture culture, a practice and cultural tradition that is several hundred years old is disappearing.

The lokke seminar was organized by

the Jørn Hilme Festival (Jørn Himle-stemnet).
Read more here >>


NRK TV Innlandet om stølslivet og fra lokkeseminaret

og sammenhengen stølsliv og lokking.

2:36 minutt ut i sendingen starter repotasje om stølslivet

5:34 minutt ut i sendingen starter reportasjen fra Lokkeseminaret