Musical highlights from Elis' kvedarlife
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Riksscenen, Oslo

Friday, November 24 at 20:00

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Musical Highlights from Eli's Folk Singing Journey
Eli Storbekken is accompanied by a dream team of musicians as she celebrates her musical journey as a folk singer throughout the years !

• Eli Storbekken - vocals
• Georg Buljo - guitar
• Sigurd Hole - double bass
• Andreas Ulvo - piano
• Halvor Håkanes - traditional singing
• Jørn Simenstad - bukkehorn
(traditional Norwegian instrument  made from buckhorn)
• Nils Økland - fiddle
• Irene Tillung - accordion
• Terje Isungset - percussion, Jew's harp

She has collaborated with musicians from various
genres such as jazz, folk, and world music!
In December, she turns 70, and on November 24th, there
will be a concert featuring a group of musicians who
have had and still have significant importance in her
musical life.

A "kveder" is a person who can perform "stev," someone who has the skill of "kvede." It is a type of vocal folk music.
The words "kvad" and "å kvede" have the same origin.

A "stev" (from Old Norse "stef" meaning "fixed time," i.e., "verse that returns at regular intervals," i.e., refrain) refers particularly to two types of four-line stanzas called "gamlestev" (old stanzas) and "nystev" (new stanzas) and is considered a part of the lyrical genres. Additionally, "stev" is used synonymously with "slåtterim" (tune rhyme) or "slåttestev" (tune stanzas). The refrain in, for example, medieval ballads can also be called "stev" or "mellomsleng" (interlude) or "etterstev" (after-song) depending on its placement within the stanza.

The last two releases

Tidløse toner - Heilo/Grappa

Timeless Tones - 2021

Album release at Nordic Black Theatre, Sunday, November 7, 2021.
Mainly contains religious folk tunes from Østerdalen.
Religious folk tunes were an important part of people's lives in earlier times, but today many of these melodies are disappearing.

  • Eli Storbekken - vocal
  • Andreas Ulvo - piano
  • Mats Eilertsen - bass
  • Mathias Eick -trumpet
  • Harpreet Bansal - violin

  • Helge Norbakken - percussion



Solo, in collaboration with Sigurd Hole.

  • Sigurd Hole - double bass
  • Frode Haltli - accordion
  • Terje Isungset - percussion - jew's harp

Has performed a series of concerts with material from the album.

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